Car A German court has determined that Volkswagen is the buyer of a Wave, the full purchase price of about 30,000 euros have to pay for it because of the dieselschandaal at the autoconcern.

According to the court in Augsburg acted the German manufacturer is immoral by sjoemelsoftware to install. This would make the group aware customers have misled yourself to do more sales and to make a profit. the

The carmaker should therefore the full amount of a Golf Plus Trendline 1,6 TDI from 2012 refund to the buyer, the 56-year-old Wolfgang V. In total, that is exactly 29.907,66 euros to get it back. That reports the German newspaper Bild Zeitung.

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Volkswagen is the completely disagree with the statement and announces told Reuters in an appeal. “In our eyes, there is no reason for the objections of customers,’ says the group in a statement. “Customers have no losses or damages. The vehicles are safe and roadworthy.’ The manufacturer Betnano points out that the ruling is at odds with numerous other submissions, and almost all klantbezwaren by judges are unfounded declared.

Nonetheless, the question of what this means for Volkswagen and other manufacturers. A purchaser of a in the same period have purchased a Porsche Cayenne has a similar claim filed.

11 million sjoemeldiesels

Volkswagen is all since september 2015, under attack throughout the world due to his tampering with diesel engines. Worldwide, there were approximately 11 million cars equipped with software to test to the garden that are intended to measure how polluting the cars.

Volkswagen went there in the United States already agree billions of dollars to pay claims to deal of car owners, milieutoezichthouders, governments, and dealers. This offered the group to 500.000 polluting American vehicles back to buy. In Europe, there is still no comparable deal closed, but also here, there are a lot of claims.