The u.s. airline American Airlines is currently in the process of trying to fly around a true shitstorm, as it has emerged that they chose to leave an elderly woman in her wheelchair for the night, since the woman’s flight was cancelled.

It writes CBS Chicago.

Those 67-year-old woman by the name of Olimpia Warsaw from Detroit in the us state of Michigan had been on a trip to Illinois to attend a relative’s funeral.

As the Olimpia Warsaw suffers from both Parkinson’s and diabetes are sitting in a wheelchair and had her son, Claude Coltea, follow her all the way to the gate, when she had to fly home to Detroit.

I went with my mother all the way up to the gate, where the airline employee confirmed, that the plane would fly on time, and that everything was okay. She said: ‘Yep, it’s fine, and we’ll take care good care of your mother’, tells the son to CBS Chicago.

But it appeared, therefore, that everything certainly was not okay, for the flight was subsequently delayed and later canceled, after which the carrier offered the 67-year-old in a hotel room where she could sleep for the next day.

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the Problem was that Olimpia Warsaw could not transport themselves to the hotel in his wheelchair, while the airline refused to help.

And when the 67-year-old due to his Parkinsonsygdom has difficulty communicating, she could not even figure out how to order the carriage, and therefore she was just left alone in the airport, when the member of staff, who had to take care of her, got free.

As the Olimpia Trbet Warsaw not appeared in Detroit, as planned, began her family, therefore, to be well and thoroughly troubled, and therefore called the to American Airlines, after which the security personnel at the airport found her sitting in her wheelchair alone.

– She was actually going to have to ask a random traveler about the means to get to the toilet, as the employee, should take care of her, was taken home for the night, ” says one of the woman’s family members by the name of Julian Coltea and points out that the family is shaken over the incident.

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Fox News has been in contact with the airline, which tells us that they have launched an investigation to get to the bottom of the case.

We are very concerned over this and have initiated an investigation with our team in Chicago, as well as with the service provider, who provide wheelchair services in Chicago O’hare, says a spokesman from American Airlines to the u.s. media and continues:

– We have talked with the family several times, and we have met with them in both Chicago and in Detroit. In addition, we have already recovered the price of the airline ticket.

the Airline also confirmed that they offered the woman a night at a hotel since her flight was cancelled and they are investigating now, why in transported her thither.

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