The Finnish and Swedish christmas table is much the same, but also clear differences. Viking Line press conference christmas ham looked in November this. Wind Lindgren

the Swedish ships stood in at the table offered before christmas traditionally, the christmas menu. The table combines the Finnish and Swedish christmas food.

Standing at the table is very much like traditional christmas food, because we have found that their guests most want and eat, tell Silja serenade of the head chef Heikki powdery mildew .

Finnish traditional delicacies Silja serenade of the table represent, for example, boxes, with imelletty potato casserole is a passenger most favorite. It wears on the ship at christmas for about 1100 pounds. The swede box of 800 pounds and a carrot box 650 pounds menekillä. The boxes are particularly favoured by finns in the Swedish christmas table they don’t belong.

Tallink silja’s M/S Victoria christmas in the fish at the table has plenty of range. Marianne zitting head

christmas table crowning on the ship, as also in most of the home, grey salted christmas ham, which Silja Serenade is spent at christmas time about 1200 pounds. Ham came to the ship pre-fried and wrapped in the ship’s kitchen.

We don’t have the capacity to fry the hams around here, powdery mildew told.

Although the Swedish ham is part of the christmas table, are the swedes used to a different ham than the finns.

the Swedes eat Betticket rather punasuolattu ham. It is clear the cultural differences, tells of powdery mildew.

Stewed salmon is a Swedish delicacy

Swedish christmas delicacies at the table represent, for example, jansson’s temptation, meatballs, christmas sausages and frankfurters, which belong to the strong western neighbor of our christmas traditions.

Swedish passengers for the buffet table also offers poached salmon, which is served this year, lingonberry mayonnaise. Broth stewed salmon is one of the Swedish kitchen traditional delicacy, while the finns are accustomed to more, for example, smoke smoked version.

Crabs between Stockholm and Tallinn sail to M/S victoria I, standing at the table. Marianne zitting head

Cold fish on Finnish and Swedish flavor, go for the christmas table together. Powdery mildew told a large fish selection to be important so Finnish than Swedish for customers. The popularity of tell also figures: herring and herring consumed Silja serenade at christmas time about 500 pounds.

– One of the favorite is mulled wine herring, which we have been already offered for a number of years, powdery mildew told.

Swedish christmas goodies find christmas also Viking Line cruise ship for the christmas table, which is this year designed by the Swedish chef national team. told me at the beginning of November, that jansson’s temptation is one of the red ships the christmas table of your favorite.