A first knockout and so much work that remains to be accomplished to climb the highest steps to the world belt. The dreams of Benoît Saint-Denis, beaten Saturday evening in Miami by Dustin Poirier (3rd in the UFC ranking), were shattered in the 2nd round. In this lightweight clash (-70 kg), the Frenchman, impressive from the start of the fight, was surprised by the power of the American. For a fatal outcome and a deserved defeat.

A veteran of the special forces, Benoît Saint-Denis, 28, received congratulations from the President of the Republic. Sign of an MMA discipline which is taking on another dimension in France. “Proud. You show the world that French MMA is great. In addition to being a hero of our special forces, there is no doubt: you will one day be a huge champion,” the head of state wrote on Sunday evening on his social networks.

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