chavez will have to control also the municipalities venezuelans without hardly any opposition. The vote this Sunday, more than 2,400 councillors is the last election date for a year that has meant the concentration of all power in the hands of the regime. President Nicolas Maduro will take again possession the 10 of January after winning the last may elections rejected by the vast majority of the international community. While increasing the pressure of the main multilateral fora, Washington and the European Union, the successor of Hugo Chávez exhibited this Friday the support of his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, and Recep Tayyip Erdogan.


The stories of the diaspora venezuelan Turkey gives a ball of oxygen to Mature with investments and political support

venezuelans go to the polls in the midst of the worst economic crisis in the history of the country, cornered by a hyperinflation unstoppable and with the census cut off by an exodus that, according to the United Nations, exceeds 2.3 million people. On the ballot will not be, once more, the symbols of the main political parties critical of the ruling party, which is opposed to the holding of such elections, without warranties or international observation negotiated and, in some cases, are disabled.

“First, Justice does not participate directly or indirectly in the sham elections of the 9 of December. We demand that you should not use our symbols, or colors to promote any candidacy,” said Juan Pablo Guanipa, leader of the formation of Henrique Capriles. The councillors of the municipality of Chacao, one of the bastions opponents of Caracas, they used the same word, “sham”, and assured that they will not participate in the vote. The purpose of this strategy is to undress the solitude of the Government, cause an increase in Pinbahis abstention, which is already in the presidential elections was the highest in the recent past, and to make clear its rejection of the rules of the game established by the authorities.

“what are we going to leave something to the escuálidos? No, they don’t deserve it. We call on the world as they please. Space that you leave the right space that we must conquer”, proclaimed Diosdado Cabello, president of the National Constituent Assembly (ANC), in the act of closing a campaign faded and marked indifference of the citizens, much more concerned about tackling your day-to-day and stock up. “It’s going to win the chavismo”, he emphasized.

The political project of former president Chavez met this week two decades, 24 electoral victories that culminated in an institutional drift that is unprecedented. Mature tried this Friday to face the isolation of the regime in the international panel boasting of the closeness of Putin and Erdogan, to which he also added the president of mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador. “We have been a week ago in Mexico, we received three days ago the president Erdogan, and we are landing in Moscow,” he said to take stock of his visit to Russia. He announced, “agreements for petroleum investment, the growth of our industry, on the mining investment in the arco minero del Orinoco by more than 1,000 million dollars.”

The representative, who from January will not be recognized as such by the main countries of Latin America, he stressed, however, that “Venezuela has to keep finding their way in the world, with strong relationships, stable, solid, respect.” “The time of the intervention has to happen definitely,” he continued before criticizing the president of colombia, Ivan Duke, and to celebrate the memory of Chavez. “The 6 of December of 1998 was the first major victory of a historical process. 20 years later, how should you remember it?”, he asked. “Working with commitment. Chávez is not recalled with whining, not, Hugo Chavez is remembered in the daily struggle, and remembering that we are on the side right.” Meanwhile, the country held elections, party of two.