It is a message that can be difficult to ignore. Suddenly it will appear on the screen of your computer and informs that the device has got a virus.

‘Fortunately,’ is there a phone number you can call to get it support from for example Microsoft.

But regardless of whether the message is received on a Windows computer, a laptop from Apple or other manufacturers, then this is the most expensive bogus.

Therefore, warns Microsoft right now against the phenomenon, as the global gets more than 11,000 complaints each month.

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the Problem is so extensive, that Microsoft at the same time, detects up to 150.000 pop-up windows that advertise for this type of ‘service’. And here we are talking so about 150.000 messages every single day.

the Explanation of the large volume of messages is according to the New York Times, the scammers have success. Every five that receives such a message, are actually talking with the fake it support.

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Six out of 100 victims end up sometimes paying many thousands of dollars Venüsbet to help clean their computers of a virus that does not exist.

But what is the position of the bad guys then? There is much to indicate that the track ends up in India, where it has just completed a major round of arrests.

It is expected, however, not to get the problem to disappear. There are millions of dollars to serve the many computer users who does not listen to the warnings.

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Here carry the indian police evidence after a raid the other day was carried out against cyber-fraudsters. Photo: Altaf Qadri/AP

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The best advice here: Ignore all kinds of pop-up windows, there is no obvious reason popping up on your computer. And never dial numbers or write to the addresses shown on the banner.

you Have the need for help, instead contact the companies directly via their official websites and the phone numbers that you can find there.

also, Remember that a part of the fraud happens as unwanted phone calls, where the random call is up, in the hope that they bite on the hook. Don’t talk with ‘support’ – throw the pipe on.

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