How to find the best deals during Black Friday

Who is the villain? He who digs a hole in the earth – or the man who falls into it?

if you Ask the leading analyst of the Danish telecom market, shares of both companies and customers the responsibility for that too many continue to have expensive and unnecessary mobilabonnementer.

– somewhere found the cheapest subscription.

But the general user has a very hard time to find it, because the supply is so large, considers Nicolas Fredriksen, who for over ten years has operated the Tele-price

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According to him, the problem is also that we, as customers forget to read the fine print.

– It is comparable, but it says nothing about the conditions inside the back, the coverage or on the needs you have are met.

” What is it you miss?

– It can be interval, such as voice and data settled with. You have maybe ten hours of talking in your subscription, which seems to be a good price.

– But if that is settled for each started minute, this means statistically, that the ten hours really gets to seven hours.

– In an average of completed conversations: the 30. second in the last minute of a conversation, which means that you lose half of it last minute every time, warns Nicolas Fredriksen.

Laziness and outdated habits makes it too expensive to be mobilkunde, believes Nicolas Fredriksen. Photo: Olivia Loftlund

Beware: Mobilmærke costly

You can save even more than the average 1500 dollars on the subscription, if you are thinking you good on, when bought new mobile.

– if you Buy a new mobile with the right consumption, there is a lot of money to save, says Nicolas Fredriksen.

Also, the choice of handset has significance for the overall bill.

An iPhone XR in the smallest version costs 6699 kr., while a Nokia 7.1 requires 2790 dollars in investment.

In practice, the difference between the models, however, more a matter of prestige and design, than that to get a significantly worse product. Can you live with an operating system other than Apple’s and does not need the absolute best camera, you can confidently select a Nokia model.

A household with just two members can, in this case, save the whole 7818 crowns.

– Many have an Apple-mobile in the back pocket, which is svinedyr. They are just not as good as the best phones on the market.

– You can get phones that cost a third of an iPhone, and which is better.

– So now think of how much money it will be when you multiply up with all in the family, which has a mobile phone.

But also the need for data and talk time overestimate the many.

– I used to say that you only need data on the cell phone, if you are out and catch fish on the pier in san diego.

In school, at work Marsbahis and at home you have free wi-fi.

– therefore, It is very rare that you need the amount of data that telecommunications companies sell to us, he explains.

And then there’s the speaking time.

– When I hear that a user believes that he is talking ten hours a month, I remind always that it not only is him, as a caller, says Nicolas Fredriksen.

– Other rings also for you. And so you might spend only five hours.

In the average Danish mobile phone users, therefore saving up to 1500 dollars per year, reads the assessment from Nicolas Fredriksen.

– It is of course very individual, but many drags then around the subscriptions that haven’t sold more, and perhaps it is several years old.

And many of the subscriptions are more expensive than the 119 million, which 80 percent of our users typically need. So there is a lot of money to save, think Nicolas Fredriksen.

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The best mobile plan is more than the amount in the bottom of the bill, believes director David Alsace from the phone company 3. The security of getting the same bill each month and inexpensive idd telephone counts. Photo: Olivia Loftlund

Telco: We must make an effort,

It is a mistake to believe that the Danish telecommunications companies wonder in the making the most expensive and most useless subscriptions to their customers.

There is the competition just too tough and the conditions are too tight, says David Alsace, who is the director of consumer segments at 3.

– In Denmark, a contract period of a maximum of six months in the consumer segments.

And after that for a number of years ago came smartphones, which is quite expensive, it changed completely the pricing structure.

– So when you only have one client in six months, you must be sharp in order to keep the customer.

He acknowledges that there may well be customers, which on paper has both too much voice and data in their subscription. But it does not necessarily mean that customers have made a bad trade.

– There are plenty of customers who have too much in their subscription. But they pay proportionally not much of it.

– It is maybe 20-30 dollars a month, which, in turn, provides a sense of security and certainty that they need not buy additional data at the same time, for example, can talk and use data at the same price with our 3LikeHome package, even when they travel far away.

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