“Norwegian police fired at car in wild chase”

“A 40-year-old man has been arrested after having tried to run at police officers during a wild car chase outside the Norwegian Molde, on the night of Sunday. During the hunt shot the police officers several times at the man’s car.”

“the Police snatched out after a whistle on suspected drunk driving at about half past. Then started the chase after the car, a larger van, and several patrols were called in. The man drove deliberately into a police car and drove on, through several closures, according to police.”

” We are after him, and to lay out a bed of nails. He run out into the terrain and bypassing the bed of nails and try to run to the police on a couple of occasions. In connection with it were fired shots at the vehicle body in order to get it to stop, ” says Tor-AndrĂ© Grams of Franck at the local police, which do not identify how many shots it is all about.”

“It is not how many officers the man tried to run.”

“No one was hurt in connection with the chase, which all in all lasted around 45 minutes before the driver was stopped and arrested.”