Nothing is impossible for the one who carries the will in the heart.

that was the bold motto in the 90’s-the entertainment programme ‘Fort boyard’, but for the residents of Denmark’s upcoming aliens-fort, Lindholm, it will require something more than just the will to leave the island without a boat.

– most people will embark on such a trip. It requires you trained. To be familiar with to swim in the seawater, explains Bo Lindgren.

He is a longtime triathlete and member of the board at Tri Club Denmark, the country’s largest club for practitioners of the demanding sport.

Ekstra Bladet set out to investigate what it will require to leave the Lindholm without a boat, because Vordingborgs mayor, Mikael Smed (S), considers that the Lindholms future residents will be able to go and swim in the country, if they get tired of the island’s straitened circumstances.

– Especially to the north of the island up to Nyord and the northern part of the island of Møn is that really shallow water. It is actually only right there, where there are channels that you can’t bottoms.

– So there is the opportunity, I think, for most people, if it becomes too much (to stay on the island, red.), so you can get away, says Mikael Smed in an interview with BT.

the Mayor is highly critical of the location of the aliens the island, because he believes, frustrated residents will spread the sense of insecurity.

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Mayor Michael Blacksmith talked the other day with the press in Kalvehave. In the background is Queen Alexandrines Bridge connecting south Zealand with island of Møn. Photo: Jens Dresling/RitzauScanpix

But over the three-kilometer-long escape route through the water is not for everyone, shows a review of the charts of the area, which Ekstra Bladet has made.

The shortest route from Lindholm to the island of Møn is, as the mayor suggests, to the north of the island, where the water depth is low on large parts of the trip. But on a piece of about 500 metres in the middle of the trip increases the depth to something over two metres.

A slightly longer route goes to the southeast of Lindholm in the direction of Roast, but there must svømmes over a mile of water depth of two to three metres.

In other words, you can plain water do not go in the country from Lindholm.

the Waters around southern Zealand was in the summer hit of unusually low tide, but DMI’s vandstandsservice shows that the water level is back to normal level.

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It is a combination Gencobahis of several factors, which makes the trip through the over three miles of water quite demanding, points out, Bo Lindgren, who also works as a judge at triathlon events and, therefore, also have the sense of security associated with swimming in the open sea.

For the first, it requires that you are a more than capable swimmer. Swimming in the open sea are extremely demanding.

– If you can’t swim in advance, it will require at least one year of training. You can swim, it will probably take two-three months to train up, explains Bo Lindgren.

another factor is the danger of chilling, which makes the trip quite unrealistic three out of four seasons.

– the Trip will be associated with discomfort and no danger, because there is a fierce chilling in the water. We would always have wetsuits on, when we swim the distance, ” says Bo Lindgren.

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A third factor is the fact that it is difficult to find the way over the high seas. It is simply difficult to orient themselves when in the surface of the water. In addition, of course, the current, which can be in the water on parts of the trip.

– There are very shallow in the area. A half to a full metre part of the journey. It will make the trip easier?

– Yes, it will. But it does not change the fact that it requires a certain physical capacity and mental surplus to be able to grasp what it is you have started in the water. Most will be naturally reluctant and afraid to venture out on such a trip. There are not many who will do whatever they can bottoms part of the way.

The shortest route from Lindholm to the north of the island of Møn is a good three kilometers in a straight line.

At an ironman swim, the authors of 3.8 kilometers. Then heading out on the 180 kilometres of cycling and then a marathon.

the Extra Leaf would like to ask mayor Michael Threw into his opinion on the water around Lindholm. But he has not replied to the inquiry.

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the Waters around Lindholm does not invite even for a wet hike and swim here in the cold. Photo: Per Rasmussen

Michael smith (the tv.) had the other day visit of Inger Støjberg. Photo: Per Rasmussen

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